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American Credit specializes in legally and permanently deleting such negative items as Bankruptcies, Tax Liens, Late Payments, Collections, Short Sales, Medical Bills, Foreclosures, and more. They utilize the same pre­ litigation approach consumer law attorney's use, threatening the creditors with legal action prior to even involving the credit bureaus. This approach generates far more deletions (and permanent ones) than your standard dispute letter writing approach.

"Steve White founded American Credit in 2003 with the sole intention of bringing a level of class and professionalism to the credit restoration industry that was desperately needed. He has accomplished just that. Steve employs a full time staff of over 25 employees and has managed to exclusively position American Credit within the real estate community, offering help nationwide, for clients looking to qualify for any and all types of real estate financing.

Mortgage Executive Magazine listed American Credit as one of the top 50 service providers in the mortgage related business  in  America. Steve and his amazing team were selected in 2013, 2014 & 2015, as the only firm out of the entire country to represent their credit restoration industry at the prestigious Mortgage Mastermind event in Las Vegas, Nevada.

If you are in serious need of credit repair, then working with proven professionals that specialize in the credit repair industry is an excellent source to consult with and get back the credit you deserve. With over 70-80% of America having credit issues of some kind, and with over 60% of the credit reports having errors that negatively affect credit, it is no surprise many people find themselves confused and unsure of how to fix their credit problems!

The longer you wait to start a credit repair program, the longer it will be before you are able to accomplish the goals and dreams you might have of home ownership, purchasing a vehicle at 0% interest or getting low interest loans and credit cards. American Credit deeply understands how to work with creditors and credit bureaus, cutting through all  of the red tape. We can help you win at the credit game.

Don't put off repairing your credit any longer! Procrastination can cost the average consumer thousands of dollars annually in higher interest rates, fees, insurance premiums and yes it can even cost you getting a better job!

Call the credit experts at American Credit today for a free credit analysis!

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